Internship, Co-op, Service Learning, Experiental Learning, Practicum, Externship, Volunteer.

Internships are a key component to enhancing your education and providing you with real world first-hand experience. Internships can be paid or non-paid and offer mentorship and skill training to make you a competitive candidate once you graduate. At CSUSB, you can work as an intern while obtaining course credit. Internships occur on campus and off campus in a professional environment and are managed by an industry professional in your designated field of interest. Internships are planned in advance and leverage your academic curriculum and out-of-classroom experience for jobs once you graduate.

Getting Started

Before researching an internship opportunity, it's important for you to create a plan. Contact the Career Center to make an appointment to learn more about opportunities, internship funding, course requirements (if applicable), research techniques, and the internship process. It’s important to connect with the Internship Coordinator or Internship Career Counselor to learn how to prepare. To do so, make an appointment through Handshake.

It is important that you update your resume, create a LinkedIn profile, and polish your interview skills prior to searching for an internship.

How To Find An Internship

  • Handshake-CSUSB’s online job platform
  • INTERN-Internship & Research Network
  • Network through faculty & staff
  • Employers—do an informational interview!
  • Search engines (such as

Make an appointment with a career counselor at the Career Center to learn more.