General Questions:


  1. Where can I find more information about my major's requirements for internships?


    Check your department/program's website for more information. You can also speak to your academic advisor for guidance.

  2. How many hours are typically required for an internship?


    Organizations are flexible with this requirement but most will range between 10-20 hours during the academic year and could flex up to 40 hours during the summer.

  3. When am I eligible to participate in an internship?


    Most organizations will identify their requirements for interns in their posting. If you want to earn academic credit for the internship, you will need to verify this requirement with your department/program office.

  4. Who can help me with questions related to my internship?


    You will have many sources for information about your internship and which you choose will depend upon your question. The best place to start is going to be your department/program office. The organization where you'll be interning would also be a good resource. The Career Center can help you identify resources for any other questions.

  5. I found an internship on Handshake—are they all approved internships?


    Employers can post internships at any time. The Career Center will periodically audit the internships to check for authenticity but some will be missed. Any posted job or internship, regardless of the site you find it on, needs to be vetted for authenticity.

  6. Am I allowed to do an internship for experience only?


    Yes, any agreement for such an arrangement will be between the student and the employer only.

  7. Are internships paid or unpaid?


    Internships can be either paid or unpaid.

  8. Is it a good idea to do an internship where I work on a regular basis?


    This work is already reflected on your résumé. You should consider whether having the word "intern" appear on your résumé is more important than having a project accomplishment listed under your work experience.


Graduate & International Student Questions:


  1. Is there a difference between course requirements for undergraduates vs. graduates?


    Probably. For more information, please check your department/program's website for more information.

  2. I've graduated. Can I still do an internship?


    The best way to answer this question is to check the organization's website to see how they identify an intern. Most prefer that the student be enrolled and that the internship takes place prior to graduation. There are exceptions so please work with the Career Center to help identify those exceptions.

  3. What if I'm an international student, can I do an internship?


    Yes, you can. Please see the additional website resources from the Center for International Studies and Programs for more information on visa requirements.


Credit & Course Information Questions:

  1. Can I request to be enrolled in an internship course before I obtain an internship?


    No. An internship must have been obtained and approved by the department/program prior to any enrollment occurring.

  2. What is the last day I can enroll in an internship course within that given quarter?


    Internships are subject to the same enrollment deadlines. It is identified as Census Day on your MyCoyote account. It occurs approximately 3 weeks after the quarter starts.

  3. Once enrolled in an internship course, how soon can I start with a business/agency?


    Every course has different requirements that will determine the start dates. If you choose to not enroll in a course for credit, the start date will be agreed upon by your internship site manager and you.

  4. I did an internship last year; can I get credit for completing it this year?


    No, there is no retroactive credit attainment for work done in the past.

  5. I want to do a summer internship but enroll in a different quarter, can I do that?


    While we understand that organizations do not manage their internship needs around our academic calendar, we are limited in regards to off-cycle enrollment requests.

Preparing & Searching for Internship Questions:

  1. Where can I get help to PREPARE a résumé, cover letter or for an interview?


    You can come to the Career Center, UH-329, during drop-in hours or you can make an appointment through Handshake to see a counselor.

  2. Where can I go to SEARCH for an internship?


    See the Find an Internship link in the left menu bar to start.

  3. I can't do an internship – what else can I do to add to my résumé?


    There are many other accomplishments that can contribute to a strong résumé. These include your grades, volunteer activities, student campus activity, class participation, networks you belong to and strong work performance with your current employer.

  4. Why does my résumé need to be done first?


    A good résumé allows you to have something to submit to employers that are posting jobs or internships. A great résumé allows you and the employer to really target experiences that are a good match for both parties.