Student Eligibility for Academic Credit

If you are interested in earning academic credit for your internship, please check with your department. Some questions for consideration:

  1. How many hours are required?
  2. Are there prerequisites?
  3. What year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) are you eligible to start an internship?
  4. Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
  5. Who is the faculty coordinator?
  6. Are there pre-approved sites where your department has placed interns in the past?
  7. Is there a syllabus for the course?
  8. Do you have to enroll into a course in order to view the pre-approved sites?
  9. Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of if I find an internship not on the pre-approved site?
  10. Does the employer have to fill out any paperwork?
  11. What kinds of experiences won't qualify as an internship for credit?
  12. I've already started my internship, how do I get credit for it?
  13. How many units can I receive for an internship?
  14. Who approves my enrollment into an internship course?
  15. Can I participate in multiple internships at the same time?
  16. What if I'm asked to extend my internship into another quarter, do I have to enroll once again in another internship course?