The Career Center is available to partner with campus departments and programs that provide internship opportunities for our students. Our office will perform résumé critiques, help students identify search techniques, sharpen interview skills and identify opportunities they may not have considered.

There are several Risk Management documents that will assist you assist you in regards to protecting the students, the university and our employer partners. The documents are available below.

  1. Student Placement Agreement (SPA) and the Employer email template that is sent to organizations/employers where our students will be interning.
  2. Volunteers Insurance Program (VIP) is an insurance program we have for approximately 32 students at any one time and is only available when the organization has specifically edited the SPA to remove any liability coverage for our students.
  3. SAFECLIP is Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance. It provides General Liability and Professional Liability for our students if they are providing community service or volunteer work for academic credit and/or students in Radio, Television or Film academic programs. (Students enrolled in Nursing, Allied Health, Social Work or Education credential programs are covered under a separate Student Professional Liability Insurance Program, SPLIP.)
  4. The last is a Student Release of Liability that the student should sign and you should maintain on file.

The person that will be your partner in completing these documents is:


Kathy Hansen, Director of Procurement & Support Services

909-537-3143 |

Kathy is the only person authorized to sign any of these documents as a representative of California State University, San Bernardino. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her if you need assistance with this matter. An additional resource is Christina Rodriguez, interim director of the Career Center. She can be reached at 909-537-3254 or .