Thank you for your interest in hiring CSUSB students and alumni. Employers are encouraged to register for CareerLaunch (powered by Handshake) to link you with a vast variety of potential applicants. This system is available to CSUSB students, faculty, staff and alumni 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for taking advantage of our services as part of your outreach strategy, allowing you to reach students and alumni more quickly!

How To Advertise Your Listings for FREE!

Employers may post job and internship listing for students on Handshake for free. This service allows you to offer your postings online where CSUSB students and alumni can view and apply for them. You can choose to recieve student applications online, by e-mail or submitted through another method of your choice (i.e., company website, fax, phone). As an added feature, you can feature one job across multiple partner schools FOR FREE!

Connect with CSUSB on Handshake

Job & Internship Posting Instructions

  • Log in to Handshake
  • Click 'Job Postings' on the lefthand navigation bar, then click 'New Job' in the top right hand corner.
  • Fill out the online form -
    • Questions that do not have an asterisk (*) can be skipped over, if needed.
    • You can copy and paste text into the Description box
    • The different drop-down menus, such as the 'Major Groups' category, allow students to gain an idea of the type of candidate you are seeking.
  • When finished, click 'Create'. Once you have submitted the posting, it will be pending Career Center approval by our employer relations coordinator (which can take up to 2 business days)

To Edit A Posting

  • Log in to Handshake
  • Click 'Job Postings' on the lefthand navigation bar, then click 'New Job' in the top right hand corner.
  • All current jobs will be shown; click the the position you wish to edit
  • You will be taken to an overview of the posting - click 'Edit' in the top right corner to make changes to posting.
  • Make any necessary changes to the job posting form
  • Click 'Save Changes'. NOTE: Your posting will go back up for re-approval to our employer relations coordinator (may take up to 2 business days to process)

Additional Recruitment Opportunities

Visibility of your company and its opportunities has a significant impact on recruiting success. There are several ways to help students become aware of your company on campus:

  • Attend a career fair on-campus
  • Participate in the on-campus recruiting program (information sessions / tables, on-campus interviews)
  • Participate in off-campus business networking events (Mini Job Fairs)
  • Meet with or present to student organizations

For more information, please call the Career Center at 909-537-5250.

On-Campus Student Employment

On-campus offices wishing to share their student employment listing on our job board may do so by filling out the form via the link below. All positions must meet student employment and federal work study (if applicable) guidelines. Once your listing has been posted, a Career Center student assistant will follow up with the contact indicated and provide a Job ID # for your reference. It may take up to two business days for your listing to be posted. For questions, please contact the Career Center at x75250.