How To Post An Internship

  1. How do I post an internship on the campus?


    You can set up an account and post both jobs and internships through our campus database, Handshake

  2. How much does it cost?


    It's FREE! As an added bonus, you can choose to have your listing added to other Handshake partner schools at no additional cost.

  3. As a business/agency, what do I need to know before I recruit an intern?


    An organization must be aware of the requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These are applied to for-profit, private sector employers.

  4. If we require that a student enroll into a course to receive credit, shouldn't that take care of the FLSA requirement?


    No, whether a student receives credit or not does not determine whether FLSA guidelines have been met.

  5. Does a student have to pay to enroll into an internship course?



  6. When is the best time to post an internship?


    Students are always looking for internships but the beginning of each quarter and prior to graduation are when the most students will be searching for an internship at one time.

  7. How much are they paid?


    Internship pay rates vary from employer to employer. When paid by private sector employers, they must at least meet minimum wage requirements for the state in which they will be working.